Whether you are a resident or a visitor in Tampa Florida, you may find yourself in need of some police service, it is therefore important to know the services they offer in case you need any. The following are the police services in Tampa.

Tampa Police Department (TPD) Extra Duty.

Here the TPD works with private citizens, businesses and organization by providing police officers for their protection. The uniformed officers may be assigned to special events, escorts or for traffic control. An interested party can either apply in person or by fax seven days before hand or download a TPD Extra Duty Condition of Permit booklet and fill in the required areas then return to the Extra duty office.

Police record services.

The police will at a designated fee provide records on name checks, address search, visa details, online reports, photos, report copies, certification among others. The price may vary depending on the service offered.

Trespass Affidavit Program.

This is one of the police services in Tampa that helps business and property owners control their property while they are away or during non working hours. This affidavit allows the police to warn, vacate or arrest anyone who violate their order. One needs to simply fill a one page Trespass Affidavit that should be signed in the presence of the notary by affiant then handed to the police for filing.

Police calls for service.

This is a service where a citizen can call the police directly on the phone for a service needed.

Wrecker rotation list application.

This is a police service in Tampa where an applicant requests to be added to the wrecker rotation list and upon receiving the email the police add the applicant to their waiting list. The application must be filled out and signed by the applicant.

These are some of the police services in Tampa Florida that one may need, but don’t be afraid to approach them if you may have any questions as they are a friendly bunch.