Life in Tampa, Florida

There are several cities within the United States that attract a diversity of people both local and international mainly due to their economic stability and social structure. One such city is Tampa, Florida which has recently been acknowledged as a white-collar city’. The term is derived from the fact that close to 90% of the workforce in Tampa is employed in a white-collar job and this makes it quite an attraction for business prospection. It is a coastal town that greatly attracts tourism to the region. Tampa is also known for its well-educated population with about 35% graduates living and working in the city.

The income per capita in Tampa as at 2010 was about $30,000 making it one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Despite this statistic, there is quite a large gap between the poor and the rich in this city. Tampa is composed of just about all ethnic and racial groups of people. The biggest population is white an African Americans; however, the Hispanic community is also very well represented in this highly diversified society.The majority of people living in Tampa as natives originated from an Irish, Italian, French or English origin. The city also records an average of about 16% of immigrants living and working there.

The people of Tampa mainly speak English and Spanish languages, however, you may come across different languages as you travel the city. This is because the city is very ethnically and racially diversified.

It is interesting to note that the chance of one being a victim of any crime in Tampa is 1 in 39 instances. This makes Tampa 16% safer than any other city in the United State. Fortunately, the crime rates have slowly declined by 14%

In summing up the Lifestyle In Tampa florida, One may wonder how safe exactly it is to live in a city like Florida and in specific the area of Tampa Bay. Like any other city in the United States, Tampa has its fair share of both violent and economic crimes. Tampa has currently made great headway in fighting crime and statistics show that its current crime level has fallen below that of other cities. One may attribute the high rates in crime especially in economic crimes to the widening social gap as a particular section of the community feel left out of the city’s wealth. Despite this sad fact, Tampa is a great place to live and work.