The Government of Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a very major city in the state of Florida and the United States in general. It is the largest city in the whole Tampa Bay Area which is the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the state. Just like any other great city, proper management is key. The biggest cities in the world like New York or Tokyo are all thriving because of good administration. Regardless of whether the economy is rich or poor, the city government plays a big part in ensuring that the city is performing to its absolute best. So how exactly does the government in Tampa Florida look like?

Well, Tampa is used to the strong mayor form of representation. This basically means that the mayor has a lot of powers. He is given almost total administrative control and a lot of political independence. For example, he can shake up the council a little by firing some members and appointing new ones without consulting anyone. The public especially has very little say in the matter.

Generally, the government consists of three parts; the legislative branch made up of the council, the executive branch and the mayor who is the leader. Regardless of all the powers he has, he is still elected by the voters.
In Tampa, once the mayor is elected, he becomes the C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer) of the city government for a 4-year term. He is liable for re-election but can only serve for a maximum of two terms.

As of April 1, 2011, veteran Tampa politician Mr. Robert Francis Buckhorn Jr., or simply Bob Buckhorn, has been serving as the mayor. He replaced Pamela Iorio who endorsed him during the campaigns. This was not Buckhorn’s first stab at the seat. During the 2003 mayor elections that saw Pam Iorio emerge victorious, he came in 3rd. However, that did not kill his spirit and now the crown is his. Away from the politics, the Tampa City Government has also excelled in the fire and law departments. The Tampa Fire Rescue has a total of 22 stations all across the area. Apart from their regular medical and fire protection, they also lend a helping hand to their good friends the Hillsborough County Fire Department and the Tampa International Airport.

The Tampa Police Department is one to be bragged about. It has over 1000 police officers and provides excellent service to the civilians through its support personnel. It feels pretty safe to be a resident here.